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Ringing in the New……….


“You can’t know what you don’t know.  On the other hand, if your sense of denial is stronger than your desire to change, knowledge will elude you.”

In June of 2014, 2 weeks prior to my 60th birthday, I experienced a life threatening bleed-out of my small intestine.  After 2 days in the hospital, a CAT scan and four units of blood, I was released with several out-patient tests scheduled.  My gastroenterologist said, “Do you realize how lucky you are?  How serious this was?”  No I didn’t.

My diagnosis was acute Anemia, brought on by chronic GI blood loss. I was given a prescription for 325 mg Ferrous Sulfate (oral iron) for the anemia, along with Prilosec to reduce my stomach acid.  My hemoglobin had risen to 9.6 after the blood transfusion, but was by no means my normal 13.9 prior to this episode.

After having an upper GI and a colonoscopy, the results proved inconclusive.  I was tested for celiac disease and for a wheat allergy; these tests were negative.  We did not know the reason for my bleed-out.  It was suspected that it was more seepage over time, since I had not noticed any continual discoloration in my stool.  Yet, I wanted to know….why?  How could I prevent a reoccurrence of a frightening episode?  Questioning lead me down unexpected paths, which fostered this blog and the sequel to Basics with a Twist.  Walk with me on this journey of discovery as we see theTwisted Basics in our food-system and our health.  Within my lifethreatening crisis, is also a life-giving answer.  When you ask hard questions, be prepared to have many of your common beliefs turned upside down, paradigms challenged and an invitation to accept responsibility for your own health.  As my physician said, “A test is a snap shot in time.  Listen to your body and it will inform you if you are on the right track.”  I realize how I have been taking my body for granted.  The time has come to take responsibility for its health.  This is a story of that journey.

“There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does.”

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